Hungerford Household

Useful links to other Tudor re-enactment sites and suppliers

Jack Greene - Live History in the classroom like you've never lived before!

Kate Tiler - Living History and Arts and Crafts for schools, events and museums

Historical Shoes - Historical footwear from Roman Empire period to 18. century, produced by Katarina and Juraj

Annie the Pedlar - Reproduction sixteenth century costumes and accessories

Tudor Market - The 24 hour Tudor Market Place for all your Tudor needs

Class History - The place to find re-enactors who bring history alive in schools and museums

Lettys Parkyn - Hand tinted sixteenth century herbal prints

Herts Fabrics - Suppliers of authentic fabrics to the re-enactment world

Pilgrim Shoes - Hand made historic footwear

Historic UK - The History and Heritage Accommodation Guide

Renaissance Footnotes We practice and perform the social dances of the period between 1450 and 1650. We can provide dancers and musicians for a variety of events

Kentwell Hall England's biggest and best Tudor re-creation site. See the Tudor era come to life in this beautiful moated Manor House

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