Hungerford Household

About Hungerford Household Tudor re-enactment group

Who are we ?
A group of re-enactors with more than twenty years of living history experience to offer.

What do we do ?
We recreate the domestic scene of a country gentleman's household in the sixteenth century.
Our activities reflect the household routine and include preparing food, practicing textile crafts, the teaching of courtly and peasant dance and music and the noble art of defence.
Occasionally we undertake events in the Late Medieval as well as the Tudor period.

Where do we operate ?
Mainly in the southern half of England at manor houses, historic homes and castles. But we are also happy to negotiate specific events for venues such as museums, village halls, garden openings, fêtes and other celebrations. We can also arrange talks to schools, and holiday workshops for children.

How do we operate ?
Our events are small and friendly, allowing us to involve visitors of all ages in 'hands-on' activities.

How are we funded ?
We are a non-profit-making voluntary group and our fees are set to cover our costs only.

Are we well respected ?
We work at National Trust and English Heritage sites and a variety of other venues from where we have received many favourable comments.

Enquiries for bookings and also from would be members are most welcome, please contact the Convenor, Annette Payne.

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